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                Welcome to Shanghai People Pump Factory Co.,Ltd.


                sewage pump

                • Products Name:JYWQ Auto Mixing Sewage Pump
                • No.:sn2016081733616
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                • Product Introduction
                  JYWQ and JPWQ series of auto mixing sewage pumps adopt automatic mixing devices which generate extremely strong mixing power to mix sediments in the sewage pool into suspended solids and suck them into the pump and then drainage them while rotating with motor shaft on the base of ordinary sewage pumps. They enhance the anti-blocking and sewage capacity of the pump and complete a one-time drainage and sewage outright and sludge remove to save running costs. They are clearly advanced and pragmatic eco-friendly products.
                  Product uses
                  1. Drainage of severe contamination wastewater in plants and commerce;
                  2. Drainage systems in urban sewage disposal plants, hospitals, and hotels
                  3. Sewage drainage stations in residential areas
                  4. Drainage station of civil air defense system and water works of tap water plant
                  5. Municipal works and construction sites
                  6. Auxiliary machines for survey, mines and generators
                  7. Rural methane tank, farmland irrigation and pond dredging.
                  Service condition
                  1. The medium temperature is lower than 60℃, the medium weight is 1-1.3kg/dm3 and the PH is 4-10;
                  2、1cr15Ni9Ti stainless steel is applicable to all kinds of corrosive medium.

                  Notes: Users shall specify details of the conveying medium in order in the case of requiring for special medium and temperature so that the Company can supply more reliable products.
                  Model meaning

                  Performance parameter

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