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                sewage pump

                • Products Name:WQK-QG Series of Submersible Sewage Pump with Cutting Device
                • No.:sn2016081733616
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                • Product Introduction
                  WQK-QG series of sewage submersible pump with cutting device is of particularly strong drainage capacity and good performance with cutting edges and it can cut up continuous fiber, plastics, paper bags, cloth strips, straws and ropes in sewage before drainage, and adopts the most advanced method to design the most reasonable hydraulic characteristic. It can enable the electric pump to operate with full lift. The optimal combination of eminent dry motor and water pump enables the gross efficiency of the electronic pump to equal to that of AS series of products with cutting device by ABS of Germany. The electronic pump adopts high-quality cemented carbide and dynamic dense structure combined the double-end mechanical seal cartridge with framework oil seal, and users shall use leakage protector matching the electric motor for normal operation of the electronic pump and for the safety of workers. Impellers of the electronic motor of the pump are prohibited to expose during long-term operation, and the temperature pumping sewage shall not be more than 40℃.
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