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                sewage pump

                • Products Name:QW(WQ)\LW\GW high efficiency non clogging sewage pump
                • No.:sn2016081759762
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                • Product Introduction
                  WQ free-blocking submersible sewage pump is a new successful generation of pump product integrated foreign advanced technology and domestic pump characteristics.It has characteristics such as significant energy saving, winding preventing, free-blocking, automatic installing and automatic controlling; it also has special effect in conveying solid particles and continuous fiber garbage. This series of pump adopts a special impeller structure and new mechanical seal and can facilitate the efficient conveying of solid particles and continuous fiber. Compared to traditional impeller, this impeller adopts single-passage or double-passage, similar to one bent pipe with sections of a size; it has good over-current and high efficiency with appropriate spiral housing. The impeller has been proven not to make the pump vibrate in the operation by the moving and static balancing test.
                  Product features
                  1. It adopts special single-piece or double-piece impeller structure to improve sewage-through capacity a lot, specifically it can convey fiber materials which are 5 times as the pump caliber or solid particles which are 50% as the pump caliber;
                  2. The mechanical seal adopts new hard anti-corrosive tungsten titanium to ensure the pump safely operating for more than 8,000 hours;
                  3. The overall structure of the pump is compact, small in volume, significantly efficient and easy to maintain; the pump requires no pump house and will start to operate instantly after submerging, thus reduce engineering cost greatly;
                  4. A high precise, anti-interruption and leakage-monitoring sensor is installed inside the sealing oil chamber of the pump, and the thermosensitive element is pre-embedded inside the stator winding to automatically protect pump motor;
                  5. The full-automatic control cabinet can be equipped with in line with the requirements of users to automatically prevent the water leakage, electric leakage, overloading and overheating to improve the safety and reliability of product
                  6. The pump is easy to use for the float switch can adjust in line with liquid required and the automatic control pump can stop moving without operator monitoring
                  7. If needed, WQ series can be fitted with double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, providing great convenience for installation and maintenance, so that it doesn't need a man to get into the sump.
                  8. It can be used in full-lift to ensure the non-overloading of the motor
                  9. Two types of installation: fixed automatic coupling installation system and traveling free installation system.
                  Main uses
                  Applicable to the chemical engineering, petroleum, pharmacy, mining, papermaking, cement plant, steel plant, power plant, coal processing, as well as the drainage system in city wastewater treatment works, municipal engineering and construction sites etc. to convey sewage containing particles, and also used to pump clean water and corrosive medium.
                  Model meaning

                  Performance parameter

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