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                sewage pump

                • Products Name:The WQP stainless submersible pump
                • No.:sn2016081747130
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                • Product Introduction
                  The WQP stainless submersible pump is a new-generation of pump product based on the introduction of advanced overseas technique and the combination with applied characteristics of domestic pumps and it is with the characteristics of eminent energy-saving, winding prevention, free-blocking, automatic installation and automatic control. It is of special effect on the drainage of solid particle and continuous fiber wastes. The whole shell is precisely casted with 304 stainless steel and dewaxing and is specially used for pumping waste water with micro acid and mild base.
                  WQP stainless submersible pump adopts a special impeller structure and new mechanical seal to convey waste water with solid particle and continuous fiber effectively. Compared to traditional impeller, this impeller adopts single-passage or double-passage, similar to one bent pipe with sections of a size; it has good over-current and high efficiency with appropriate spiral housing. The impeller has been proven not to make the pump vibrate in the operation by the moving and static balancing test.
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